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Monthly Archives: November 2018

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Monthly Motto November’18

Motto: “Turn it up!”

Holy Scripture: 1 Pet 3:15

“Be ever ready to answer and answer every one who demands an account from you of the hope that fills you”


Maybe you also know this situation: You turn on the TV and get the impression that only bad things happen in the world. The images of wars, famines and natural disasters reach us daily and can quickly leave an impression of helplessness. The question arises: “What can I do in this world of injustice as the the little person I am?”

I think the best answer to that is when we remember all the good things which are in us. The hope that the world can become better can be the beginning of a development. Because who has hope lives differently. The hope for a fair coexistence and a careful dealing with our world is in itself a message that has to be heard and that brings light into the world. So we dare and start directly with it!

Jakob Ohm