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Monthly Motto December’ 19

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Monthly Motto December’ 19

„Hang in – Don’t give up, even when it is difficult!“

Holy Scripture: Jes 40,29

„He gives power to the tired ones and He gives strenght to those who are exhausted“


Sometimes, the temptation is to live up to the day and simply be in “relax” mode permanently. Recently, Pope Francis has said something fascinating to us young people: “Dear young people, do not miss the best of your youth, do not look at life from a balcony. Do not confuse happiness with a sofa and do not spend all your life in front of a screen. Put something on the line, even if you make mistakes. Do not be mere survivors with an anesthetized soul and do not look at the world as if you were tourists. Let us hear from you! Be alive! Dedicate yourself to the best of life! Open the cage door and fly out! Please do not retire before you even get old!” I think there’s nothing to add to that. Let’s try it!

Jakob Ohm