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socioMovens Polska

hvUBqKGDLCfqf7MhIrwzVv9PTCp2Her2hQyt4VnzhSVyTEy0Zabk4LD8z4H58IDFXjBFdw=w1886-h825In Poland socioMovens e.V. also carried out several project weeks already. According to the motto: “From a social consciousness to meet the addictions of our time” from the 8th to the 13th September 2014 the first youth social project week with 20 students from four different high schools in Poland took place. On each morning the group came together in the chapel to start the day with a Gospel reading and the daily motto. After the following breakfast the actual program started. For the time being the participants were working in little groups in which they worked out the topic “Dependence and Addiction”. Based on that, they exchanged their results and findings with referees and representors from different social institutions like Caritas, addiction prevention initiatives etc. which previously have been visited by the participants. A common reflection closed the day. Two months later fulfilled by the  joy and enthusiasm of the previous  project week the students decided to set out to live for three days on the “Fazenda da Esperanca” Gut Neuhof in Berlin. The visit to the therapeutic  farm completed the confrontation with the leading topic in a wonderful way.


,,We wanted to get to know the Fazenda, in order to live with its inhabitants together for a while and by this experience community. We have heard about the problems people face with addiction before. In Berlin we could leiterally feel these problems and observe how much God´s words can move every human. Besides the time we spent with the inhabitants of the Fazenda we could also go on little trips. A walk in Potsdam and a trip to central Berlin were a nice rest and helped us to integrate the group even better. Tired but also satisfied we went back home to Poznan. Now we are already looking forward seeing you again in August 2015 at the Cross Cultural Youth Meeting.” (Grzegorz Zbiorczyk, Co-organizer of the project weeks in Poznań)