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socioMovens Slovensko


The slovakian members of socioMovens e.V. have organized  youth-social project weeks several times already in their home country in  the past years. In fall 2015 the fourth youth project week took place in Kysak, fort he second time already. The start of a tradition.


After a succesful start of the pilot week Kommende Dortmund and ist foundation started a project week with 22 students in Spisska Kapitula, April 2013. This time it was about the reinforcement of social awareness. Beside the content-related work, the visit of a Romani-settlement, a recuperation centre and an orphanage formed the focal points of the ecounter. The joint communal life, which was especially intensified through prayer and reflection, was also of great importance.


The dominant factors were awareness and alertness which served as an impetus to remove the blinders of our daily routine and to be sensitive to and shape the surrounding world.  The joint experien

ces- in community and prayer- became the sign of a conscious lifestyle of mutual  consideration, which the young people try to implement in their daily lives.



Some impressions the students gave concerning the project week:

,,It is important for me to see the world with different eyes. This way I am able to rediscover my social consciousness. The project week helped me with that.“

,,Even little things console others. Because of that I think a lot about people, who need our love. I want to give them hope.“

,,I will talk to others about this week and tell my family in order to inspire others to  to give love to one another  as well, to provide that other people’s lives may be improved and we all form a big family because that is the most beautiful thing in life.“