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Our Vision

Creating the future together – committment in a humane city

That’s the title of the youth-social project weeks, which are being organized since 2013 for students from Central- and Eastern European countries. Prospective priests organize those project weeks in cooperation with Kommende Dortmund, the social institute of the archdiocese Paderborn in Germany and their youth-association socioMovens,  within the framework of social and ecological key questions. During this project  weeks the students are confronted with these questions through experiential- educational  exercises – they make intensive community experiences and discover their ability to act in solidarity and make our world more fair and peaceful. On this homepage you will find information on the development, organization and the execution of our project weeks.

One of our main aims is to create an atmosphere for the young  people from all over Europe through which they are able to develop  and strengthen their personality and their social consciousness. For many of them – we have already experienced this successfully – it’s a completely  new, useful and positive discovery. Enabling the young generation to become responsible humans is also a part of our big vision of “Giving Europe a Soul.”

Prälat Peter Klasvogt


Prelate Dr. Peter Klasvogt

Director of Kommende Dortmund & permament member of the managing comittee