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Cooperation Partners

Cooperation Partners


The chemistry companie Evonik, which is located in Essen, supports socioMovens in their effort to carry out project weeks in mittle- and eastern european countries

Fazenda da Esperanca

The Fazenda da Esperanca is an christian organisation which helps addicted people to become clean again. The Fazenderos often join our project weeks and give spiritial impulses.

Kommende-Stiftung beneVolensbenevolens

The youth-foundation beneVolens organises educational projects for young people near Dortmund. Until the foundation of socioMovens back in 2014, the european project weeks were part of the beneVolens.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung supports SocioMovens in their effort to run project weeks in middle- and eastern european countries.

Sozialinstitut Kommende Dortmund

The social institut Kommende Dortmund is an educational institution from the arcdiocese Paderborn. The Kommende Dortmund organises the Sozialakademie, by which the idea of SocioMovens was inveted.

Next to these cooperation partners there are different local cooperation partners in our project countries.