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socioMovens croatia


Since 2015, socioMovens organises projektweeks in croatia. Around 20 young people from the diocses of Varadzin met from the 23-27 of march 2015 to learn more about unemployment of youngsters. After getting to know each after they were introduced into the theme through a role play, in which they participants had to take the role of one of their parents, an aid organisation or an affected pupil, in which they learned what the government and the society do against unempleyment.

Following, they visited in the next days social instituts which focus on the development of young people. The highlight was a talk in the ministriy of labour of zagreb, in which they young poeple could talk to resposible persons about the challanges and difficulites of the acutal job market

Beside the topic, living together in a community stood in the center of the project week. The young people lived every day after a motto, which helped them to realise and notice their environment and their surrounding with more awareness and to reflect their own life.

The big joy about the common experiences and the motivation of the participants to do something rises the hope of an intensive and substainable contuniation of socioMovens in croatia. An important step is done.