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Krakow 2022

My dear young people,
my dear young adults,

do you still remember the project week? Do you sometimes still think about the shared experiences, the encounters on site and the evening reflections? To some of you, these memories are probably very present. For others, they rather belong to the past. A lot has happened since then. For us, 2022 is marked by the war in Ukraine. The social question is perhaps clearer than ever before:

How can we support our friendsthe people in Ukraine?

We want to talk with and to people from Ukraine and build together a Europe with one soul. How can we as young people in our society find solutions for social challenges? You are cordially invited to the international youth meeting in Kraków. For the first time, there will be special programme for the older ones among you to get deeper into the spirit of socioMovens. Together with 150 pupils and students we will also work on an international concert as a special highlight. In the end, we will literally bring our common motto “Giving Europe a Soul” to the stage and found socioMovens as a youth association.

Prälat Dr. Peter Klasvogt
Director of the Socialinstitut Kommende Dortmund