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socioMovens Latvija


In April 2013 our first pilot project week in a Baltic country took place in a guest house near Riga, where 20 young people from two different schools met for two weeks. They  dealt with the problem of neglected children who experience drug abuse, violence and crime on the streets.

The week’s structure, which was completely new for all participants was caracterized by the three basic pillars every project week consists of:

The students age 15-17 dealt with the main topic of the week. Firstly, they described the situation in their personal environment. Later, the subject was deepened by making use of different methods. A psychologist tried to depict the reality of the children affected. The most important issue was the active participation: The students had e.g. to potray a debate between two lobbies, to understand the aims of state, educational institution and parents more deeply. Furthermore, they worked out ideas and approaches to improve the situation, which they presented in a Flyer at the end of the day, which was supposed to be given to educational and social institutions. By numerous experiential-educational exercises it was possible to connect the content related work with the daily reality of the students.


The morning impulses and evening reflections were a useful tool which allowed the students to process and reflect  the experiences and make use of them for their own lives.

The tried and tested  Sports4Peace-dice and its six mottos helped to strenghten the community and impacted the students‘ lifestyle in being more considerate and mindful.