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Monthly Archives: September 2016

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Monthly motto September 2016

Take care of! – Respect everybody, everybody is important!

Scripture: Gal 3,28 „There is no Jew or Greek, servant or free, male or female: Because you are all one in Jesus Christ.“

Short time ago the World Youth Day took place in Cracow, Poland. Some of us had the chance to participate in this great meeting and spent an eventful and impressive week there. More than 1,5 million young people from all over the world gathered together for holy masses, catechesis, music festivals and for the encounter with Pope Francis. All of them were praying and celebrating together and there arised a huge community of believers. In numberless personal encounters and moments the promulgation of St, Paul towards the christian community of Galatia was realized: In front of God all human beeings are equal, wherever they come from: All are one in Jesus Christ!
This unity in Christ could be experienced among us by the enthusiasm, the openness and the big respect for each other. St. Paul would have been pleased by the World Youth Day!
But this experience is not limited on extraordinary events but should also influence our everyday life: To treat everybody equally and respectfully, never mind if we like them or if they annoy us again and again…
Let’s take this wish of St. Paul to our hearts: Take care of!