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Monthly Archives: May 2019

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Monthly Motto May’19

„I’ve got Hope!“ (according to “I’ve got Hope” by Gen Verde)

Holy Scripture: 1 Peter 3,16

“Always be ready to answer every one who will ask you about the hope that fills you.”

“What do I want to achieve in my life?” – You have already asked this question for sure. And you will have noticed: there are quite different answers. There are e.g. ideas about the future job, the place where you want to live but also personal issues, such as the question of family and real friendships. In other words, what is your hope for your life, what gives you strength?

Sharing our dreams of living with other people creates a sustainable community. Do you know people with whom you can share your hopes and dreams? It is worth to be open for these encounters. Perhaps by sharing our hopes, we may even have an experience with Jesus who wants to give us a deep hope for our lives.

Jakob Ohm

YouTube-Video “I’ve got Hope” by Gen Verde