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Monthly Archives: June 2020

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Monthly motto June 2020

Annual Motto: „Vidimus – We have seen!“

Bible verse for June: Mt 25:36

“Because I was sick and you visited me.”


An illness – and especially a pandemic – confronts us with deep fear: after all, we want ourselves and the people around us to feel well. It is understandable that at the moment we are doing everything we can to protect people who are particularly at risk. We as a social youth movement have a special competence at this time: we also want to look at the deeper causes that cause suffering for people. You could say that poverty, social exclusion and loneliness are like a “clinical thermometer” for our living together. It is good to know that Jesus gives us a medicine that is as simple as it is effective in the gospel for this “fever” of our societies: concrete love for one’s neighbor. Let’s start right away, pick up the phone and build a bridge to someone who needs it right now. So not only we get through this special time, but also the people around us.

Jakob Ohm