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Monthly Archives: March 2020

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Monthly Motto March 2020

Annual motto: Vidimus! – We have seen! – Wir haben gesehen!

Bible verse for march 2020: Mt 25,37

„Lord, when did we see you hungry and gave you to eat or thirsty and gave you to drink?“


Hunger and thirst – or in other words: eating and drinking – are probably the most basic human needs. If you look at the world with open eyes, it is definitely a reason for gratitude that there are hardly any people in our regions who have to starve or who don’t have access to clean water. The people in need that we encounter in everyday life are usually much less visible: the old lady, for whom every cent counts, or the little boy, whose shoes are getting too small because new clothes are too expensive for the family. And people with an unfulfilled hunger for real life and true encounter are often completely invisible. So here they are: the people who need our open eyes more than ever. Hunger and thirst can also indicate that we have a deep desire – a hunger – in ourselves. If we share this desire with each other again and again, our hearts can become wide and our eyes open. Then the first step is taken to see in the needy ones of our time Jesus himself, who can satisfy our deepest hunger for life and love.

Jakob Ohm