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Monthly Archives: July 2017

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Monthly motto August 2017

„Hang in – don’t give up, even when it is difficult!

Scripture: Ps 80,8

“Lord, raise us up again!”


Sometimes there is the feeling: everything is geeting too much, all the others are annoying me anyway and I just want to break up with everything and be just on my own. Sometimes it is even necessary to get a retreat and to be on your own, to find yourself and to get new orientation. But then it is important to open yourself again for the others and to face the challenges. But this is not so simple sometimes.

Then we need someone who encourages us und who gives us his or her hand. Maybe even the simple prayer from the Psalms can help us: „Lord, raise us up again!“ God is waiting for us to beg him to help us. He will help us not to give up, even when it is difficult. And he gives us the strenght to even support and help others, when they are in need. Together we will solve all challenges!

Peter Klasvogt