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Monthly Archives: March 2018

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Monthly Motto March

„Take care of – treat everybody with respect, everybody is important!


Scripture: (Mt 25,40)

“Jesus says: „What you have done to one of my lesser brothers you have done to me.“

Impuls: Respect” – we use this word in many different contexts: Respect for people with special abilities, for parents, for big tasks … But what about the people who are more on the edge, whose lives are rather hidden? Often they are not in our field of vision at all. I am thinking of older people, of people who prefer to stay home because of money worries or who are just lonely. But there are also situations where the temptation to look away and do nothing is big. For example when a classmate is bullied, be it in the scholl yard or – often even more hurtful, because anonymous – on the Internet. The first step in respecting someone is then often to consciously perceive him, to see his situation and to take his needs seriously. Thereby we overcome the danger of indifference and give the signal: “You are important to me – no matter what others say!”. This feeling revives and gives new hope. And: we can count on ourselves to be very close to Jesus!

Jakob Ohm