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Monthly Archives: October 2020

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Monthly Motto Oktober 2020

Anual Motto: Vidimus! – We have seen! – Wir haben gesehen!

Bible verse for October 2020: Mt 25, 35

„I was a stranger and homeless but you took me in.“


Whoever walks through the world with open eyes will find that there is much injustice, both large and small: Poverty, exclusion, homelessness… I’m sure you can think of many more examples from your surroundings. The challenge is clear: there is still much to do in the social field. In the spirit of our socioMovens movement we are committed to making our society more humane and just, at least in our immediate surroundings. But as a social and Christian youth movement we are not only concerned with material help. Rather, we want others, especially the disadvantaged, to feel that they are accepted as human beings, taken seriously, and valued. For this we don’t need many resources, just open eyes and an open heart. In the words of Jesus, this benevolent and inviting attitude would probably be called “love”. Let us dare this loving look, so that no one must feel strange, excluded, insignificant.

Jakob Ohm