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Monthly Archives: February 2021

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Monthly Motto February 2021

Annual Motto 2021: Blessed are you!

Bible verse for February 2021: Mt 5, 1

” Blessed are you, if you simply live!”


“Higher, faster, further!” – this motto of the Olympic Games is a great motivation for athletes. But perhaps you also know the experience that our normal everyday life sometimes seems to function according to these words. Pressure to perform and fear of failure then quickly take over your head and heart. There is then a great danger of becoming blind to what I have already been given – and even more so to those people who cannot stand up to the pressure to perform and fall behind.

In this month, we can try to consciously perceive what good things we have already been given in our lives. Who accepts me simply as I am? And who needs this promise from me? Probably then a feeling of gratitude will arise and I will recognize where I can still grow. Jesus makes us the promise: if we try the lifestyle of simplicity, we will realize that the blessedness of heaven already starts with us today.

Jakob Ohm