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Monthly Archives: February 2018

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Monthly Motto February

„Hang in – Don’t give up, even when it’s difficult!“

Bible Text: Lk, 24,29

„Stay with us“

It’s not always about the big problems: the little sorrows of the every day life can be a heavy burden as well. This can be problems in school, stress within the family, maybe even an argument with your best friend – or simply boredom, frustration and the feeling of dissatisfaction inside…Who doesn’t know the feeling that it is „enough“ now. In such situation everybody wants to be alone because you cannot stand even yourself. Then maybe this little prayer can help: „Jesus, stand with me!“. We can learn it from two disciples in the Holy Scripture. They were also disappointed and without hope. But then they made the expirience, that Jesus always walks with us. Especially when we feel lost and alone. We can trust in this expirience and it gives us the power to go on, even when it’s difficult.