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Monthly Archives: April 2018

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Monthly Motto April 18

„Celebrate – enjoy the success of the Other as much as your own!“


Scripture: 2 Cor 1,24

„Not that we have authority over your faith, but we are servants of your joy“

Impulse: At the  railway station of my hometown I had the following experience: I was waiting for the train when an elderly homeless man sat down next to me on the bench. A bit shy, he asked me for some money, but I could give him nothing but a few coins. When I saw his face, I suddenly remembered that I could give him something much more valuable: I wanted to give him the eight minutes I had until my train arrived. We started talking, he told me where he came from and what his everyday life looks like. When my train arrived and we said good bye, I realized that something like a smile had risen on his and my face – the testimony of a piece of relationship! On the train I thought: too bad that this was just a chance encounter. How much joy could I give, if I make the habit of giving a little of my time regularly to people who have no one else to listen to? With very little effort we can become messengers of hope and be “servants of joy”. I think: a great life motto – and not only in the time of Easter!

Jakob Ohm