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Monthly Archives: March 2021

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Monthly Motto March 2020

Annual Motto 2021: Blessed are you!

Bible verse for March 2021: 1st verse of the song

” Blessed are you, when you carry loads”


Before the Corona pandemic, they were usually crowded: Fitness Gyms. The dream of the perfect body has so much appeal that many people voluntarily lift heavy weights. The recipe for training success there is: a lot helps a lot. The more I train, the heavier the weights I can carry.

But there are also weights that are so heavy on your shoulders that you are in danger of collapsing under them. Especially now, loneliness and isolation often seem like a coat of iron that holds down the joy of life. How much more must the people who were already excluded before the pandemic because of their poverty, age or disability feel this burden? Here, too, there is a “training” that maybe  does not remove the burdens but makes them more bearable: if we practise seeing the invisible burdens of our fellow human beings and sincerely share our time and interest with them, the weights do not disappear, but they no longer crush. We Christians call this attitude “solidarity”. It releases an umimagined power to change the world for the better. How wonderful it is to trust that Jesus knows our burdens and says to us: “If you carry each other’s heavy loads, my kingdom begins with you today!“

Jakob Ohm