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Monthly Archives: December 2018

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Monthly Motto December’19

“Be a light for your city!”

Holy Scripture: Jer 29,7

„Seek the common good of the city to which I have guided you and prayfor it. Because in the well-being of the city is also your well-being.” (Jer 29,7)


Imagine, you have a guest and want to show him your city. Where would you start and where would you go with him? You will probably immediately know a few places where you like to be and which are good to show. Surely there are also places you would rather avoid: a dirty river, a ruined block house, a dark alley … These “dark sides” of the city are often a place of hopelessness. To avoid them seems at first to be a natural reflex. But what if we see them as a challenge that we can creatively shape, looking for like-minded people, and making those places a little more liveable? We then not only change the atmosphere in our environment, but also give hope to the people who live there. We are invited to take responsibility for our living space and to be a light to all who live on the dark side of ourc ities.

Jakob Ohm