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Monthly Motto June 2020

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Monthly Motto June 2020

Annual Motto 2021: Blessed are you!

Bible verse for June 2021: 3st verse of the song

“Blessed are you if you see the pain”


“How are you?” is a question we often ask during spontaneous encounters in our everyday lives. Probably very few people expect a truly honest answer. But how do you react when the other person actually says that he or she is “not well”? Probably all of us know the fear of not being able to respond correctly when someone pours out his or her heart to us. But what if we didn’t just leave it at small talk? That would also apply to ourselves: to be able to openly say how we really feel. What would it be like to live in a community in which we are also allowed to say what burdens us and depresses our souls?

Let’s try to take a step in this direction in the next few weeks and notice when someone has hopelessness and worries written all over their face. It does not need big words and wise advice. Most of the time, an open ear and an attitude that makes the other person feel “I am with you, you are not alone!” helps. Then we no longer stop at empty phrases, but we feel how friendship and humanity grow. And perhaps we will also see, especially now after Pentecost, how the Spirit of God works among us…“

Jakob Ohm