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socioMovens receives the Salzburg Dialogpreis

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socioMovens receives the Salzburg Dialogpreis

SocioMovens receives the Hans-Walter Vavrosky Dialogpreis 2020 for its commitment to a Europe of solidarity. For socioMovens and Peter Klasvogt is the Dialogpreis the second European award after the award of the Konstanzer Konzilspreis in 2017. The prize honours the commitment of socioMovens for the innovative, concrete and implemented contribution of the successful cooperation for a solidary Europe.

The Dialogpreis is awarded by the St. Virgil Salzburg Education Centre. The company, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Salzburg, is known as a place for open dialogue between churches, religions and society. The projects and offers of the institution are regarded as trend-setting for adult education in the German-speaking world. The name of the Dialog is in memory of Prälat Hans-Walter Vavrosky, who shaped the non-profit organisation St. Virgil Salzburg for over 30 years as its rector.

The jury voted unanimously for socioMovens. “The sustainability of the project’s impact on the biographies of young people was particularly emphasised by the distinct network character, the development and implementation of joint projects and the foundation of a European identity.”

The awarding of the prize to the initiator, Prälat Dr. Peter Klasvogt, planned for November, will take place at a later date due to corona reasons.

In the name of socioMovens we would like to thank you for this great award.


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