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Solidarity with Ukraine

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Solidarity with Ukraine

Überwältigende Hilfsbereitschaft für Ukraine - Regensburger Nachrichten - News, Meldungen und aktuelles aus der Region

Only last December, socioMovens Ukraine organised a project in eastern Ukraine to help the local people on side and provide them with essential food and other materials. Already then it became clear that the so-called “situation” in eastern Ukraine is not a conflict, it’s a war. A project in this area showed the need from the local people, so the plan was to continue to be involved in this region.

Barely two months later, the impossible has happend – the official attack of the Russian regime on the entire Ukraine. As an association working for peace in Europe, we have been able to organise projects in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe in recent years to strengthen democracy, commitment and the “soul of Europe”. Thus, also in Ukraine, many friendships have been built up in the past years, projects have been realised and young people have been reached. Our thoughts are with our coordinators, partners and young people in Ukraine.

We are shocked by the current developments and depressed by an open war in Europe. We as socioMovens would like to show our solidarity with Ukraine with this post. We are against war and pray for peace in our different socioMovens-contexts across national borders.

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